Keeping it real

Keeping it real

That’s our motto! But why is it so hard to see if things are real or not? Should we have to have so little faith in our food that we need to read every label? The sad part is yes, yes we do. My favourite # is #jerf – Just Eat Real Food. Most of our shopping should be done in the fresh food section. But we must be realistic, we do need some backups in the pantry! But if we want to eat real food, we need to accept it won’t last forever.

I would prefer something to have a shorter shelf life so that I know it’s not lathered in preservatives. I do understand it is necessary in some instances for food safety, nobody wants food poisoning! But, do you agree that there are so many things added to our foods that we can’t even pronounce?

If I can’t read the word in the ingredients list – it immediately alarms me. I must say though, it is really hard to stop eating these products, and I think it’s because a lot of these ingredients are there to make it taste better and make you crave that product – it’s a very hard cycle to break. I think we are literally going through withdrawal when we are trying not to eat these products.

I have recently been a part of a program that was a bit of fun, but also just plain scary of what we put on and in our bodies. What some of these ingredients do to our bodies is actually quite terrifying. But I think what is harder, is finding products that don’t have them in them. It takes time to find the substitute products that are better for our bodies.

If you are looking to make these changes, or just want to start the conversation, have a chat with Kerrie at In2Health in Bordertown. I have been working with Kerrie over the last couple of months, and boy, has she opened my eyes to so many little changes that I could make to help me make better food choices. I always thought I was quite a healthy eater, we hardly ever eat fast food, if we do, it's usually a coffee or hot chips – how bad could they be? Well, worse than I thought! Its all about moderation though. We can have these things, but not. All. The. Time.

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